Agile Category Management

The Life Analytics Group team has melded traditional supply chain practices with Lean Six Sigma, Quality by Design, Kazan, Poke-Yoke, and Complexity Management in an iterative fashion that leverages agile development and project management methodologies.  We adopt principles from each of these business theories and then adapt them to each companies’ needs to advance productivity, innovation, and sustainability of strategic supplier relationships.

Our team facilitated the developed of a Complex Services Engagement Model using Agile Category Management, and the model has been implemented successfully across multiple supplier categories and for a top ten global pharmaceutical company. At the core of our model is a process that focuses on improving transparency and alignment of planning activities that are critical to quality requirements, the alignment on roles and responsibilities, and the reduction of random process variation and non-value add activities that lead to waste. We work closely with internal teams to re-engineer processes, tools, and templates that drive transparency and alignment between the sponsor and their service providers.  This model is entering its third year and has delivered 15% cost reduction over three years with improved quality and delivery.

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